About Us

We are group of nerds who intend to get your business known in Mars

If you find an element of your interface requires instructions, then you need to redesign it..

– Dan Rubin

Teedech aims to turn your ideas to reality regardless of how unbelievable or Unachievable they may sound. Founded in 2009, we have worked with several businesses and individuals to achieve their business and brand goals.Our areas of specialization include
Coding & Development
This encompasses software development, Big Data Modelling/Analysis, and web development regardless of what form and shape you would like us to achieve.
Branding & Marketing

We develop brands and project them as a point of reference worthy of comparison with internationally acclaimed brands.

Startup Consultancy

This core aspect of our business targets Small and Medium Businesses. We help new businesses surpass the intricacies that come with starting up and put them in a position that guarantees profit making and revenue generation

Creative Solutions

We analyze your current solutions and intended solutions in a bid to proffer better guaranteed ROI based solutions which draw inspirations from yours.


Business Strategy Development

We analyze your current business operations and your way of doing business. Having done this, we compare to standard practices and design a workable sustainable strategy for your business fueled by your Business goals & Vision.

Content Development

Content is key to Marketing. We leverage on business intelligence and analytics to design engaging content that guarantees customer acquisition and retention.

Product & Process Design

We aid in new product and process design and development. We also provide the required logistic support in bringing your ideas to reality while also helping you design a standard operations procedure as we do this.